Frequently Asked Questions

When will your service be available?

Megabits is working diligently to have Island-wide home and business services available for the 2019 season. We are installing an affordable subscription-based Wi-Fi network with 100’s of Hotspots in the downtown public and business venues. We will then be working to include the rest of the island. Installations for home and business service will soon follow.

How is your Wi-Fi different?

Megabits Island Internet (Mi2), is building our own microwave radio network connected to a commercial fiber optic network on Catawba island. The microwave will send a signal to two towers on the island that will broadcast to homes, businesses and the 100’s of Hotspots across the Island. This will provide connectivity with easy Wi-Fi roaming capability for resident and visitor subscribers.

What kind of customer support will you have?

Megabits is locally owned and operated and will provide full-time on-island presence to provide personal service, assure speedy installations, and technical support.

What kind of speed can you provide?

Our subscribers will be able to receive service from 25 Mbps to 100+ Mbps. The Mi2 network is engineered to support 10 Gigabits (Gbps) of traffic and has connectivity to a commercial fiber optic network providing 100 Gbps of dedicated ethernet bandwidth. The FCC has currently defined “broadband” internet as a fixed internet connection which provides speeds of 25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream.

As a business owner, shouldn’t I supply free Wi-Fi for my customers?

Historically Internet and Wi-Fi service on the island has been substandard and often costly to provide. Megabits will provide affordable subscription based high speed reliable internet with our island wide Wi-Fi access points to your customers. We will install access points in your business at no cost to you. We won’t be using your connectivity, you don’t need to buy the equipment, you don’t need to maintain the equipment and you won’t need to deal with the customer support. Your customers will enjoy the convenience of high-speed connectivity, and spend more time in your business.

What will Mi2 Hotspot, Residential or Business Service cost me?

Mi2 hotspot usage is $4.99 daily with discounted weekly, monthly and annual pricing available. All hotspot subscriptions will be easily completed though our web-based system, accessed through the Wi-Fi hotspots. All our basic installation and service prices are listed on our website,

How can I get Megabits services?

For home and business services call us at 888-Mi2-3456 (888-642-3456) to schedule a no-cost site survey. All billing is done electronically and monthly charges will be billed automatically to credit/debit cards.