There are many reasons for your business to be a part of the Mi2 WiFi Hotspot network.

  • There is no charge to your business. You will not have any equipment expense or need to manage public WiFi for your customers.
  • Visitors will have seamless internet connectivity at your business and throughout the island-wide Mi2 WiFi Hotspot network.
  • As a Mi2 WiFi Hotspot connected business, subscribers will spend more time at your establishment because they will have access to high speed internet.

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Mi2 Business offers reliable, high speed and customized internet service for all types of businesses.

  • Megabits is building a wireless network that is designed to handle thousands of users at a time with 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi technology. We can support all of your bandwidth need during peak holidays times. No more downtime for the credit card machines!
  • Monthly business services will begin at $199 a month with a basic installation fee of $199.
  • Every business has individual needs, so cost and equipment will be determined during a site survey. Any services over and above will be $85 an hour plus the cost of additional hardware and equipment.
  • Service will include access to the Mi2 WiFi Hotspot network for two registered devices. A $200 yearly value.

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