Frustrated by years of substandard phone and internet service, Megabits founders recognized the need to bring affordable high-speed Internet service to Put-in-Bay and the Lake Erie Islands. Two of the company founders, Tadd Schwarz and Tom LaPlante are third generation Put-in-Bay property owners. The third founder, Bruce Sundman, brings 40 years of wireless communication experience to the team.
The WiFi Guys of Mi2

Megabits knows that to succeed its services must operate consistently at the advertised speeds, with dependability, redundancy, and a high level of service. That is why the network has been professionally engineered. Subscribers will be dependent on the network for necessary business services such as financial services for authorizing credit cards and VOIP telephony. We will bring to the island the capability for improved communications.  This network is not just for entertainment, streaming video and social media. The systems have been designed to handle the normal fixed residential and business subscribers, while concurrently serving up to 15,000 WiFi guest subscribers on busy summer weekends.

Megabits, LLC, also known as Megabits Island Internet or Mi2, is a company formed under the laws of the State of Ohio. The company has been founded by three members to become a Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) provider, also known as a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP).